Love Is…

Love is a multitude of various things.

I told myself about six months ago, I was going to write a book over what love is this December. I have all of these ideas, thoughts, and stories of what I think love is.  But, as I sit here today, I start to question. I thought I knew what love was and I told myself that love was many of those things. But, today as I sat down to write this I had to be honest with myself. I can’t lie to myself anymore of what love is.

So, love is… God. Love is… trusting in God. Love is… Sacrifice.

When a bad situation in my life strikes, I often find myself falling away from God instead of falling towards him. I contemplate why this has happened and play “why” “why” “why” over in my head. I don’t trust in God. But, when bad situations happen in other peoples lives and they come to me, I tend to give them all this advice to just cling to God. I find myself  giving advice and not being able to take it. I think a lot of people can relate to that.

Love is… Jesus dying on the cross. That is the biggest sacrifice of love. Love is…sacrifice.

I strive everyday to be selfless. Completely selfless. I made a poster and it’s hanging on my door. It reads, “Be selfless today”. I want people to know me as a young woman who is always selfless. If someone needs something, I do everything I possibly can to be there for that person. With big things. And simple things, like bringing someone a Cherry Limeade, because I know it’s their favorite drink and it would put a smile on their face, to walking someones Dog for them, or driving someone somewhere when I literally have no money to spend on gas.  I try to be completely selfless in every situation.

I’ve found over the years that being completely selfless means that people are going to take advantage of it. They are going to take advantage of you. This why I am stuck today, because I wonder “why” should I be so selfless and give so much love when someone or something is going to take advantage of that love I have to offer?

I think that must be the exact same thing Jesus is feeling when these bad situations strike in my life and I don’t run to him. I run away. “Megan, why don’t you run to me? I am so selfless to you. I have given you the biggest sacrifice. I have shown you love. I am totally yours. Why are you running away from me?”

In the book I was going to write in December, I was going to write of these ideas, thoughts, and stories of what I think love is. I know I can’t write that book anymore. I don’t need to write that book anymore.

I am so glad that I have finally figured out what love truly is during one of these bad situations in my life. So, for those that don’t know what love is, question “why” “why” “why” when something bad happens, and you want so baldly for a person to love you and they turn away from you, or for something to go your way and it doesn’t, remember, that God is thinking the exact same thing.

Run to him. With open arms. Never let go of the feeling you have in that moment, because in that moment, you know and can feel exactly what… Love is.

“You are precious in my eyes and honored, and I love you.” Isaiah 43:4

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