Begin Again

I think everyone has to go through the bad before they can truly appreciate and acknowledge the good. I think God gives you a teaser of what your life could be like if you choose to live your life according to your plan instead of his plan.

God let me test the water.

People have always told me growing up, “God has a plan, you have a plan, and they are probably completely different.” They were right. I thought that the plan I wanted for myself was also the plan God wanted for me, because I was happy. That’s how it works, right? Was I lying to myself, telling myself that I was happy, because I wanted my life to work this way so badly? Maybe, a little.

Growing up at the lake, my dad would tie a rope to the back of the boat. All the kids would go swim in the lake and hold onto the rope, so we wouldn’t drift away. We would see how far we could get to the end of the rope without letting go.  When we would get dangerously close to the shore, dad would tug on the rope, and we would work our way back to the boat.

I find this connection in my relationship with God. He gave me a rope and I started to swim to the end.  As soon as I got dangerously close to the end of the rope (living the way I wanted my life to go), God gave me very clear signs, or tugs on the rope, for me to come back to him. Finally, I started swimming back.

Once I swam back, God started to reveal some of his plan for me. God has showed me things I never thought I would see, has let me think in a way I have never thought before, and has let me feel things I’ve never felt before.

If I could, I wouldn’t go back and only swim half way. I’m glad I swam to the edge. I’m glad God allowed me to swim to the edge and see for myself what life could truly be like if I decided to live my way and not his way. I’m blessed he tugged back on the rope. I’m blessed to know that he will continue to tug on the rope when I start thinking that way again.

Praying for you always. Pray for me. 165504_1516187465317_216666_n.jpg

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